Subject: Prague Restaurants.
Hello Everyone,

Things have been very busy, and I apologize for not posting (sooner) my list of restuarant recommendations for Prague. We did eat at a couple of places that other ziners recommended. The first was a restaurant called Pod Krydlem translated it means under the wing. This was a very nice restaurant on Vorsilske Ulice, next to the British Consulate. It's a short walk from the Narodni Trida Metro stop; however, when you come out of the Metro, ask someone to point you in the right direction. Service was very attentive, and the food was delicious. By Prague standards, this would be considered a moderate to moderately expensive restaurant; but is very reasonable by North American standards given the currency exchange rates.

The next night, we at at U Kapra, a small bar/restaurant not too far from the Old town square. Again, get off at the Staromestska Metro stop, and exit at Kaprova street, then walk up the street 1 block, and turn left (I forget the name of the street now) you'll see the sign for the restaurant about 50 metres down and on your left. This place was great and horrible at the same time. The food was again, wonderful and the portions were very generous, the staff was warm and friendly and the entire meal came to around $30 CDN for the two of us. The place was filled with locals which was the bad part, you see, the overwhelming majority of people in the Czech republic smoke. The restaurant is very small, and I left the place feeling very well fed, and also as if I'd smoked a pack of cigarettes...second hand.

The third night we went to an Italian restaurant called Cinque Corrone (5 Crowns). It's on Melantrichova St. If you head down Wenceslas square (walking away from the National Museum) on the right hand side. You will eventually come to Na Prikope street. Keep walking straight down, and you'll hit Na Mustku street, continue walking down this street and eventually you'll to Melantrichova. This was a more expensive restaurant, and overall, the food was very good, but not as good as U Kapra or Pod Kridlem. The service was very good, and this place had the best wine list I saw in Prague, which isn't saying very much; if you really enjoy a fine vintage with your dinner, then you'll most likely end up disappointed on this front. The following day we had lunch in a small restaurant on the same street or on Na Mustku street (closer to Wenceslaus Square). It was called U Vesulu Basi or U Basi Veselu; which translated means At Barbaras Wedding. This was a really nice place for lunch; again, very generous portions and very reasonable prices.

Our last night we had (don't laugh) Mexican food! We went to a place near the Botel Albatross called Hacienda Mexicana. This place was great! I was truly impressed. They had a very authentic 'atmosphere' to the place, a great selection of Mexican beers, Tequila etc; and they served imported Argentine Beef. The menu had a great assortment of Mexican favourites. I had a Fajita platter with beef, chicken and shrimp. It was great; the only miss with the place was that the accompanying Salsa was not as good as one could get in North American or Mexican restaurants. My remaining map doesn't have enough detail to give a street address, I think the easiest way to find it is to take the Metro to the Florenc station. When you exit the station, look around and you'll see a MacDonalds wedged beneath an underpass. Walk towards and under the underpass, then turn right. Ahead in the distance you'll see a violet building, this is the Hotel Merkur. Walk down this street, past the hotel and you'll come to a cross street. Turn left and walk about 2 short blocks. U Zlate Ulicka will be on the corner on the right, and when you turn right down that street you'll see the Hacienda Mexicana across the street. Referring to the local yellow pages should help.....

The one place we didn't get to eat, but it looked good (by virtue of it being always packed with locals) was right across the street from the Hacienda Mexicana. It was called U Zlate Ulicka...translated it means The golden road or The yellow brick road.


John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA