Subject: Re: Beach town near Marseilles
Cassis, five (5) miles east of marseille but a world away. on route D559 or just off A50. the Cadogan Provence Guides reads The old coral-fishing village of Cassis, with its fish-hook port, white cliffs, beaches, and quaint houses spilling down steep alleyways was a natural favourite of the Fauve painters. We spent two (2) days there in July of 1999 and DID NOT want to leave! ......easy way to visit the calanques.


> Another question, travelling friends -
> Since we're flying into Marseilles, and will spend the remaining days
> inland, we're thinking of spending the first night on the water. We're
> familiar with the coast further east, i.e. Nice and beyond - but do
> any of you know of a good place near (or in - is the old town a
> reasonable choice?) Marseilles? Don't want to drive far that first
> day.
> Thanks-
> anne