Subject: Re: Attractions in Provence and Luberon
Hi Debbie,

> I would love to hear about staying in a castle. Is this one in the >Hotel and Destination Database? If not, please consider this a >request!

No it is not in the database, I have sent some through to Callie. The following is an extract from my 1999 French travelogue, describing the castle.

The next stop was our watering hole for the night - #La Caze Castle#. We have had numerous holidays in Europe and we have always promised ourselves that some-day we would stay in a genuine castle. Well this was that some day. We registered, but unfortunately the room had not been made up. We were invited to have coffee in the salon at no cost to ourselves. We were ushered into the salon which was furnished with beautiful period furniture. We were seated in huge high backed chairs, upholstered in red velvet, around an equally large dark stained dining table. In the corner was a fantastic writing bureau. On the far wall was an enormous fire place, all stacked with fire-wood ready to be lit. The windows were covered with thick red velvet curtains. The only problem with this setting was the RAP!!!!!! music playing in the background. Our coffee was duly served, along with a plateful of dainty cakes and sweets. The waiter who bought the coffee etc, looked, moved and spoke more like a butler or man-servant, than a waiter. While we never had a meal at the castle, the menu looked scrumptious, but a bit rich and expensive for our tastes. The decor of the dining room was exquisite. (Carrie could you please place the following explanation in the hotel database under the heading of 'Tarn Gorge'? Thank you.) La Caze castle is a genuine 15th century castle, converted into a three star hotel. The bedroom is large with nice period furniture, including a four poster bed, small highly decorative writing desk and a huge ornate wardrobe. The bathroom is part of the old castle, with arched stone ceiling and stone walls and even has an arrowslit. We had a private balcony, with a tremendous view, looking through the battlements to the Tarn river. In the corner of balcony was small corbelled tower. The original chapel was still there with all its trappings. At 9.15pm there was a knock at the door, the maid had come to turn down our bed. Cost per room per night was 750ff. Was it worth it, yes, we would go there again in an instant. Everyone seemed to speak English and couldn't be more helpful Chateau de la Caze, Gorges du Tarn, la Malene. Phone: 0033 4 66485101 Fax: 0033 4 66485575

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)