Subject: Hiking in Crete
Hello everybody (and specially Susie, our hiking expert).

Two colleagues of mine are going on holidays to Greece this June (they stole my initial idea, and now I am changing plans every week, this week is Egypt or India). They are leaving on the 10th of June, and are coming back on the 1st of July. Nothing booked, they want to move around the islands, so they are travelling light. The question is: I have heard about the Samaria Gorge, and when we were thinking of Greece, we were planning to go and do it. Now I have told them about the gorge, and they would like to know a bit more. Here come the questions:

- Which kind of shoes would my friends need? We usually go hiking on weekends, and depending on the weather and place (Susie, if it helps you, Ordesa in Pyrenees, for example), and the kind of shoes we wear in summer are light hiking shoes, sometimes even runners... They donīt want to be lugging around two pairs of thick boots just for a couple of days.

- They might be renting a car in Crete. Would you recommend to leave the car at the place they are staying and book an excursion? Can it be done with public transportation? In this last case, from which place do the public buses leave? Is it difficult to get the ship back from Agia Roumeli when you are travelling on your own?

And of course, any special place or island you can think for a young couple that will be celebrating their first year married in Greece, that would be great.

Kind regards from Bilbao (now we are getting the real spring) in Spain,