Subject: Samaria Gorge
Hi Covadonga, You've picked a topic dear to my heart! We hiked the Samaria Gorge several years ago and I'll remember it forever. Absolutely beautiful! Re yoour questions: We wore good quality sneakers as we hadn't carried hiking boots with us. We got along fine. though I often wonder about the tourists we passed near the beginning in dresses, dress pants and patent leather loafers... There are times--many times in our hike--that you have to cross the river on rocks, which are wet and slippery. I suppose at times you may have to wade if the water is higher. We were there in late May. You are also walking through forest and on long stretches of bare rock with the sun beating down on you. You need LOts of water, and there are nice places to have a picnic lunch. We stayed in Hania and took the first morning bus (maybe 6:30). You can take tours, but I think its better to go at your own pace. You take the bus from Hania right to the top of the hike, then at the other end, I think we went through Loutro and Sfakia, took a little boat I think from Agia Roumeli which took us to a bus back to Hania. I sure we would have been to tired to drive/navigate. I don't recommend taking a car, mainly because you don't finish the hike where you started... We had no real problems with the arrangements--the woman at the bus station in Hania spoke NO english, but we got it sorted out in no time. The boat was also no problem Though it was a rough ride if you tend toward queasiness--you might want to have your sea bands at hand.

As far as Crete is concerned, we loved it there, in particular in Hania and Rethymno. Take care and have fun, Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada