Subject: Re: Italy honeymoon info
While I have never stayed there, the Santa Chiara Hotel looks like a very nice three star. It is very close to where I usually stay in Roma so we pass by it quite often and have taken a tour of it. It is very well-located as it is just in back of the Pantheon. From this location it is quite easy to walk to many of the famous monuments and sites in Roma.

For a honeymoon, I would recommend the Rafael which is a hundred yards from the Piazza Navona. This is probably a better grade than a three or four star however.

In Firenze I would look into the David which is located across the Arno adjacent to Piazzale Michelangelo. The famous photograph of Firenze with the Duomo in the center of the picture no doubt was taken from there. The David is a three-star and is in very easy walking distance to all the monuments, etc. in Firenze.

By the way, what is your budget for a hotel?


>From: >We have re-evaluated our plans and now we
>would like to spend the honeymoon in Rome and Florence. And if we
>have the energy and time we will do day trips to close by cities.
>Could guys recomend hotels (3 or 4 stars) in Rome and Florence? And
>the best way to finalize our plans.