Subject: Logis de France
We go to France all the time and use Logis often -- all over France. Yes, they are rather basic, by standards here, but they are clean, have bathrooms w/ tubs and showers and the food is always good - sometimes, exceptional (as in St Savin at the Viscos - in the Pyrenees check Michelin if you're heading near that area - not for from Lourdes)

The Logis Guide comes w/ a map and if you travel w/o reservations, this can be a really wonderful guide as they are generally open later than B&B's - for late arrival and dinner. (We always stay at 3-toque or above).

They also have a site on the internet: I speak passable French and this might help, but my husband doesn't speak a word and it's always fine. We have had one or two Logis where the people were not warm, but that happens in all countries - I think it's just some people. The French, in general, are very reserved and formal and American's are perhaps more open.

Susie, Mass.