Subject: Parking in Venice
Because parking is so difficult and expensive might be better to leave car at Padua train station. If have trouble parking at station, head back to highway and just across the bridge over the railroad tracks turn off into what appears to be a residential neighborhood. Park, and there is an underground passage that leads directly to the train platforms. Train fare is about $3.40 round trip to Venice and back. From the train station, you can trust your luggage to a porter and ask him how to reach your hotel; for about $20 he will either ride with you on the water bus or deliver your luggage independently.

Arrival by car, over the 2 1/2 mile bridge leads to the traffic circle at Piazzale Roma, where you will find a city-run garage. It is worth a try although it is usually full, and you may have a long wait to get in without an advanced reservation. Cost is about $14-$18 a day. If all spaces are taken, drive back a quarter-mile to the exit marked Tronchetto, a massive parking area where you can leave your car in another garage or the uncovered lot for $21-$24 per day. From Tronchetto, as well as Piazzale Roma, take vaporetto line 1 or 34 to your hotel.

You will be interested mostly in the water buses of line Number 1, which run the entire length of the Grand Canal to San Marco (40 min.) before continuing to the Lido.

Water taxis are comfortable, but terribly expensive, at least $30 for an inner-city ride. Never board one that doesn't have a meter.

Sandy LA