Subject: Air Travel Woes
In February I flew Delta from Newburgh, NY to Ontario, CA which involves three flights in each direction but saves hours and dollars at each end on the ground. I had made this trip successfully so many times that I was flying on frequent flyer miles.

My first flight to Cincinnati was delayed due to weather. They rebooked everyone on the flight but myself and another woman. I finally talked myself onto their next flight at the last minute when I convinced them that it wouldn't be financially beneficial to Delta to fly a plane with only two passengers.

Upon arrival in Cincinnati, I was rebooked on a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth. About 20 minutes out an engine failed and we returned to Cincinnati and an emergency landing. I was then rebooked on a 4:30PM flight to Salt Lake City. I was given a voucher for lunch of $6.00. At 4:10PM the flight was boarded. We sat and we sat while waiting for a replacement lightbulb for the right wing tip. Finally, about 6:30 PM we taxied to the runway and sat some more. There was another problem and we returned to the gate. At this point there is considerable grumbling and we have not been allowed to leave the plane and they have provided only an 8 ounce bottle of water. We were unable to phone people who were meeting us because none of the phones worked. At about 8:00PM we are told to pick up our belongings and we were escorted to another plane. We finally took off at 9:30 PM. Of course I didn't make my connecting flight. I was rebooked for the final leg the next day and finally arrived 24 hours late. The only accomodation they made was to give me the emergency exit seat with slightly more legroom on my final leg. They figured this lady was just mad enough to get that door open in an emergency.

My return trip wasn't quite as bad. My first flight was cancelled and I stood in line for two hours to be rebooked arriving in Newburgh 2 1/2 hours later than scheduled.

After several letters in which I requested the return of my frequent flyer miles, I did receive two vouchers for $125 each--not enough to replace my trip.

After years of flying successfully with Delta, I'll make an effort to book with someone else but not North Wurst.

Barbara in Connecticut

How do I redeem these vouchers?