Subject: Re: Spain Trip, Day 5, Part 3
In a message dated 05/10/2000 12:05:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, jrule writes:

<< Afterwards we made our way to Le Brasero a restaurant >>

John, I'm enjoying all of your reports -- It's really great to relive some of our experiences through your eyes. You weave an unbelievably detailed web - such fun to read. Are you, by any chance a professor or in the educational field???

Anyway, you never said in your report whether or not you enjoyed the restaurant OR the food... I think you did, but I'm not sure... It's hard to recommend food places as we all have different tastes. Fred and I are very informal people and like tapas, sharing and informal dress in less touristed areas. (I loved the dog report -- we are very partial to our canine friends in all parts of the world, too!!!) We're off to the Greek islands next Wednesday - Regards from c-o-l-d New England. Susie - Mass