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Les, your posting was great - full of information about transporting an animal. I especially like your smart idea about putting the florescent letter on top of your dog's cage. I'd just like to make a few comments:

> Airlines generally allow *one* small animal, in a travel cage, inside the
> cabin for a flight. The animal must be small (Erina's doesn't qualify)
> such as a cat or lapdog, and only one is allowed per flight, so that must
> be reserved well in advance.

The odd airline does allow 2 animals in the cabin per flight (can't remember now which one it was...maybe Canadian Airlines?).

> Get the animal checked out by your veterinarian, and be sure that you have
> valid rabies certificates, and a good idea is a Certificate of Health
> from the vet. This is basically just a note saying that the animal is in
> good health, but the extra bit of paper won't hurt, and you're already
> seeing the vet for the check-up, and other possible medications.

In some cases, an international certificate of health is definitely required. When we left Italy last year, I had to get one in order to take my cat out of Italy and to take her into Canada. You usually need to get your pet vaccinated for rabies not more than one month before departure (and I think not less than 1 week before), and you need to get the international health certificate 6 days before departure (at least in Italy it was 6 days before).

> Sedatives: some people don't use them, and I'm not sure if I would again,
> because my dog was thoroughly tested on our last trip, (I think
> he survived
> better than I did - someone suggested that *I* should have taken his
> sedative and I almost agree with that!) but the vet will probably
> prescribe
> Acevet with the dosage determined by the dog's weight.

I've heard many times that vets often don't like to prescribe sedatives. It seems they can have the opposite effect on the animal. My vet gave me a natural sedative, which was very mild (but it didn't last 8-9 hours like Les's sedative did!).

Laurie in Mexico City (formerly from Rome)