Subject: Re: Venice - 1 night
Room 242 , Hotel Ala. Best room in Venice for the price, in my opinion. Central location, steps from vaparetto stop, a few minutes walk from San Marco. Just steps from two popular gondola stations.

You can see more about this in my entry for this hotel in the Database, and here is a website.

With the current exchange rates, if you are from the US, this should be an even better deal than it was for us last October. If you are planning on an even bigger splurge, I guess I would go for the Daniele. For less money, the Ala has lesser rooms that are still pretty nice.

My parents love the Metropole, but it is pretty expensive. My dad loves to sit out on the Riva Schiavoni and smoke a cigar before bed. The Metropole has the advantage of being intimate, as well as having a great location. The service there is wonderful, very friendly and helpful.

None of these are cheap, with the Ala being the bargain. I think Venice is worth a splurge, especially for one night. A room with the sound or sight of water adds to the experience. I tend to scrimp in other cities.

Hope this helps Debbie