Subject: London Suggestions?
Hello, All!

I wrote a while back asking for advice on Albuquerque while I tagged along a business trip with my husband. Well, that fell through, but now we are going to London!

My husband's organization will make hotel reservations for us (their choice), but have given us the option to pick the area of London we would like to stay in. I have been London before, but my geography is not very good. My husband has no preference (in other words, he doesn't mind be far away from the location of his meetings), but I would like to be central to the touristy stuff. I'll be on my own during the day and I will probably do city tours that I didn't do my last trip (which was strictly a shopping &theatre trip).

Suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Erina in Reston, VA (who always seems to be asking for more advice than she gives)