Subject: Re: Day trip to Assisi
Hi Harry

Of course, this is just my opinion but a day trip to Assisi from Rome would be very difficult for me. Too much traveling back and forth for one day. Leonardo made the suggestion that you could possibly walk into the town of Assisi from the train station. You might be able to, but I certainly couldn't. Assisi requires a lot of walking once you are in the town, and I try never to do any walking at all to get there! The terrain is very hilly, as the town sits on the mountain, albeit the lower end.

So a day trip would involve getting to the train station in Rome, taking the train to Assisi, getting a bus or taxi (my preferred method in Assisi, where a ride to my destination is always a welcome relief) to the town, and reversing the process.

If you are set on a day trip from Rome, I think the suggestion you received to visit Orvieto is a good one. Another very easy day trip if you are interested in ancient Rome is Ostia Antica.

I frequent another travel forum on the net, and I notice than many novice travelers plan what seem to me to be overly ambitious day trips. My feeling on day trips, and this is very personal, it that they need to be kept to around an hour, or at most an hour and a half, in each direction.

For me, this is the same practice I follow while at home: If a destination takes more than an hour and a half travel time in one direction, I try to make it an over night trip.

I know that some folks just love cars and trains and buses, but I don't . I need a nice bit of R&R between modes of transportation!

Just my very humble opinion on day trips Debbie