Subject: Re: Day Trips
About visiting Assisi or Orvietto or any of the Tuscan Hill towns:

We'd like to add two more observations about the Italian tradition of Siesta.

Siesta is much more formal in the smaller cities and towns, which means that the cafes, trattorias, bars and restaurants also close down. As a result, you cannot use that time to eat or even drink.

However, that being said, we adore siesta time in the smaller cities. Usually, the streets are clogged with people, cars, motor scooters, bikes and trucks. It's very difficult to feel the city or steep yourself in it's ancient history and mood. However, with everyone inside during siesta, it's possible to roam the streets and get a real feel for the sprits, souls and stories that once occupied these classic towns. The only better time is shortly after sunset when the smells of the villager's dinners drift out their windows as you stroll down these ancient lanes and pathways. Roy &Wanda Faires