Subject: Non Smoking vs Smoking Rooms in hotels
I posted a few weeks ago about looking for a hotel in Los Angeles area and followed up on the suggestions offered. Many places are already booked for the weekend we will be there as it's UCLA graduation. We found a Days Inn in Santa Monica that sounds really good but they only had smoking rooms for the 3 nights we will be there. I said I would take it because we need a room and the location looked good and the price was right. I wondered from the non-smokers out there, if you've taken smoking rooms recently and if it was annoying, if smoke is something that bothers you. I have only had non-smoking rooms in the U.S. since they started offering them but when I go to Europe, it isn't a choice and I don't seem to notice much difference, but I remember rooms reeking of in the days before they offered it in the U.S. The Days Inn said a lot of non-smokers take the smoking rooms and don't complain. I'm afraid I might be the first one to complain... What do you do when they non-smoking rooms are booked, look for another place or take the smoking rooms?

Carol Mueller