Subject: Non Smoking vs Smoking Rooms in hotels
Dear Carol,

I recently had business travel to Austin arriving at midnight, and the Marriott had given away my nonsmoking room, leaving me with no choice but the smoking room or the lobby! They did send someone to spray with air freshener which helped slightly, and I tried filling the tub and sink with bubbles; neither of which held water for long. And naturally, the windows didn't open. This particular smoking room had a strong smell of cigarettes that was not much helped by the air freshener.

Some suggestions: I would ask the Days Inn if the windows to the hotel open, and suggest you bring candles and/or air fresheners with you. (I'm a nonsmoker but live with a smoker and a smoke-eater candle really helps.) If you don't have much tolerance for smoke, you will probably be happier with a nonsmoking room somewhere else.

Good luck! Ann