Subject: Re: Karst Caves, Slovenia
Susan wrote:

>Our week in Slovenia is very unplanned. We really hope to travel by
>train or bus and just stop along the way.

>Is Slovenia easy to find places to stay?

Susan, we traveled in Slovenia in the Fall of 1997 passing through the Karst region by bus without stopping. We were traveling from Piran to Ljubljana, the only two places we stayed in Slovenia. We didn't have reservations in either town nor for our bus and train travel and had no problems whatsoever. Of course, it was off-season. We also made a day trip to Lake Bled using the regional bus system. Again no problems obtaining a ticket. And we exited the country on the train to Croatia having purchased our ticket the day before departure.

One final note: The bus from Piran to Ljubljana made a stop at a gostisce or guesthouse for a short break. We noticed several of these along the route. Likewise, in Lake Bled many gostisce, as well as private homes advertising sobe (rooms) for rent.

Lonely Planet's Eastern Europe on a Shoestring is a good resource for travel in this area.

As I mentioned we only spent a couple of days in Slovenia but found it to be a beautiful and charming country and we hope to return soon.