Subject: Venice Questions
Perhaps you found the Antony Hotel information at the site below. The map at the site indicates that the hotel is very close to the Ponte della Liberte which is the road and railway directly to Venezia. The bus, the station of which is described as being 100 meters from the hotel, will take you directly to Piazzale Roma. No doubt the buses run often. At Piazzale Roma you could do several things: --Take a taxi boat to St Marks--very expensive --Walk to St Marks with the aid of a good street/canal map of Venezia if you have a sense of adventure (Buy one or have the hotel give you one as soon as you arrive) --Take the Vaporetto (which I recommend) to St Marks going east on the Grand Canal. You could go either west or east and get there but for the first time in Venezia you would want to go east--and try to keep the tears from your eyes as you traverse the Grand Canal on the way to St Marks.

It will be very crowded on the vaporetto but make sure you position yourself to get the best views--gentle pushing is acceptable.:-)

Great food is very expensive in Venezia. I found La Zucca (the pumpkin) to be very good, and it continues to get good grades from foodies. It is moderately priced at about 110,000 lire for dinner for two without wine. Have the concierge at your hotel help with directions, and be certain to have him make reservations for you at the restaurant. After a little sightseeing around St Marks, get the vaporetto back along the Grand Canal and stop at Pontile di San Stae. From there it is a very short walk to the restaurant. A good time for dinner in Italy is about 2030.

Piazzale Roma is about a 20 minute walk from the restaurant. The streets are narrow and somewhat labyrinthine but don't let that bother you. Getting lost in Venezia is a pleasure. Someone at the restaurant will show you on the map how to walk back (20 minutes) to Piazzale Roma where you can get the bus back to you hotel.