Subject: Venice restaurants
Osteria Da Fiore Calle del Scaleter, San Polo, Venice (041) 721308 - telephone (041) 721343 - fax Closed Sunday and Monday We always enjoy Da Fiore - excellent seafood, service and atmosphere - moderate price - reservations a must for dinner. La Corte Sconta was incredible until a NYTimes writer discovered it many years ago. It still gets great reviews in American newspapers - I think American travel writers just go to where previous American travel writers have been before - but everything about La Corte Sconta has gone down hill. The only reason I mention it, is in hope that one day it will find it's former glory. We were there last about 4 years ago and the only Italians were the waiters. Harry's Bar - again the American travel writers love it, but even with the great exchange rate, you better have an AMEX Platinum card to pay the bill Try Osteria Da Fiore - it's wonderful Bill Sutherland