Subject: Lorica in Calabria or Sestriere, Piedmont
Sestriere is a well known ski resort in the Alps, but it's indeed very far from Rome and I don't know if it's worth to drive up there from Rome for only a week. Maybe, if you like big mountains ...but you can't see too much of Italy from up there, excepting Piedmont. Lorica is a small town in the mountains of Sila, near Cosenza. My tourbook says it's beautiful, but in this case too your chance of day trips is reduced by the distance from most famous places and by the roads (no highway down there. The only winning point vs Sestriere is it's closer to Rome. I'd say both those places are fit for relax and nature lovers; Sestriere is of course more upscale. Hope this was what you were looking for :-)

Bye Paolo