Subject: Provence
Hi Roy and Wanda,

When I spent two months in Provence in the fall of 1997, I stayed with a woman my age in her beautiful condo in Vence. She provided me with breakfast and dinner at night. We both liked to sleep late, then share a leisurely breakfast, while talking, sometimes for two hours, in French, one of the reasons for my sojourn.

Then I would choose one of the numerous hilltop towns or perched villages to visit each day or go to the different places on the Riviera. When I visited the hilltop towns, it was usually during the siesta time. I would have the village all to myself. I love to take photos of the architecture of any region that I'm in. I like these photos to be separate from the ones of people of te region. So this emptiness was perfect for my purpose. I could hear the people inside making all the noises in preparation for their big meal of the day with their families.

Genevieve, my hostess, was always anxiously awaiting news of my latest adventure when I returned each night. I have written a small book about my experiences. It's entitled I'm the Last Tourist in Provence. I've been traveling so much I haven't had time to have it edited or published. I may just put it on my new web site that I'm building right now for awhile. I'll let the list know if I do.

Sandy from New Orleans