Subject: Spain
One of the most beautiful, luxurious and gracious places that we've ever stayed in ANYWHERE is the Casa de Carmona in Carmona, Spain - It's 20 min by car from Seville (a fantastic city in the South) -- Carmona is a very old walled city (more like a village, really) and the Casa is just that -- a lovely old manor house inside the walls where every room is different (we had a duplex - amazing, with sheets that were embroidered - a living room downstairs that looked more like a private home and the people who worked there were more like friends than staff. In fact, when we drove into Seville for dinner one night, they wrote down the Casa phone number and said if we got terribly lost, they'd come and get us!!! Also, they recommended a wonderful dinner place (walking distance from the Casa) one evening where opera was playing all during a marvelous meal. I will try to find particulars on the area if this sounds enticing for you!!! It is truly memorable. (We were visiting Spain in March about 5 yrs ago) We also have wonderful Paradors to recommend depending on what part of Spain or Pousadas in Portugal if you like.

Susie - MA