Subject: Cheap Paris hotel
Dear Didi,

Here's some suggestions on getting cheap housing in Paris. I have notpersonally tried any of these orgs., but they were recommended by people who did. Prices may be too low.

Sandy in LA

Paris on a Shoestring: The Paris Tourist Information Office can provide budget travelers with free copies of an English-language booklet on exploring Paris on limited funds. Youth in Paris is a 32-page booklet that has helpful facts on transportation, budget accommodations, night life, sightseeing postal and telephone services, public holidays, exchanging money, rail discounts, camping facilities and where to buy discounted unsold theater tickets. The publication is available at the Paris Tourist Office at l27 Avenue des Champs-Elysee, which is a short walk from the Arc de Triomphe, near the Charles de Gaulle-Etoile Metro stop. At this welcome center, travelers can also exchange money and make hotel bookings, but student-style visitors may prefer to head to one the AJF (Accueil des Jeunes en France) offices, which make reservations but also cater to younger travelers on tight funds. The AJF staff will make hostel/hotel reservations while you wait. You don't pay an extra fee because they get a percentage of the hostels' or hotels' regular rate. In winter, they have 8,000 beds available in the city; in summer,11,000 beds are available. Many of these are in dormitory rooms. Some are in school residences. Expect to be charged about $19 to $38 per person for a bed in a youth hostel or residence, with breakfast. AJF offices are at 139 Blvd. St.-Michel (near the Port Royal Metro stop ) local telephone 43-54-95-86; at 119 Rue St. -Martin (near the Chatelet-Les Halles Metro stop) tel. 42-77-87-80; and during the summer holidays at Gare du Nord (which has its own station), tel. 42-85-86- 29.

Hotels Plus, a reservation office listed as a source of discounted rooms in London recently added Paris. Its current Paris listings include 74 hotels, with discounts of 20% or more at 33 of them. Before you leave, you must prepay your entire stay through Hotels Plus, receiving a voucher to use at the hotel. Hotels Plus, 1803 Overlake Dr, Suite D, Conyers GA 30208; 800-235-0909, 404-929-1102, fax 404-929-0422; AE,MC,V.

Sarl France Lodge Locations, 5, rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris; (33-1)4801-0217. Offers furnished apartments in Paris from studios to 5 room apartments for stays of one week up to one year. They will also arrange lodging for one or two people in a French home from one night's stay to one year's stay!. For this type of lodging call (33-1)4246-6819. Rate per night including breakfast for one person: from $23 in Paris and from $18 in the suburbs. Must pay a membership fee of $18 per year for family accommodations.

The following organizations have single and double rooms available at an average price of $15 per person per night, including a continental breakfast. Accommodations are open year round. Amicale d'Accueil et Hebergement, 73 rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris; phone: 4325-4397. Centre International de Paris-Louvre, 20 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris; phone: 4236-8818. Centre International Paris-Halles, 5 rue de Pelican, 75001 Paris; phone: 4026-9245. Centre International Paris-Opera, 11 rue Therese, 75001 Paris; phone: 4260-7723 Centre International de Paris Quartier Latin, 44 rue des Bernadins, 75005 Paris; phone: 4329-3480.

Accueil des jeunes en France (A.J.F.), 16 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, F-75004 Paris; 4278-0482, has four accommodation and information offices for young individual travelers, as well as older travelers, seeking budget accommodations in Paris and cut-price air, rail and coach tickets. It operates a central reservations service for young and old people in Paris and the rest of France, and runs three restored town houses and hostel near the Bastille. Prices vary from $15 to $20 per night for bed and breakfast. Provides information about a wide range of summer and winter holidays in France. Reserves beds in Paris or other areas of France, in youth centers and budget hotels for a fee of $1.60. Gare du Nord, inside the new suburban station; 4285-8619. Open from June to October 7 days a week, 8 am to 10 pm. Metro: Gare du Nord. Beaubourg, 119 rue St. Martin, 4277-8780, opposite G. Pompidou Center. It is possible to have your mail sent this address for you to pick up. Open all year round, Monday - Sataurday, 9:30 am - 7 pm. Metro: Rambuteau / Hotel de Ville , Chatelet - Les Halles. Phone: 4277-8780 Hotel de Ville, 16 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 4278-0482. Open all year round Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 6:30 pm. Metro: Hotel de Ville / Pont Marie Quartier Latin, 139 blvd. St. Michel; 4354-9586. Open from March to October Mnday - Friday 9:30 am -6:30 pm. Metro: Port Royal. Phone: 4354-9586.

One of the centers into which the AJF can book guests is FIAP Jean Monet, 30 rue Canabis; 4589-8915, a 550-bed, 25-year old youth hotel that was renovated two years ago. Individuals are charged $45 for a single room, $26 per person in a double room, about $25 per person in a four-bed room and $20 per person in an eight-bed room.

Acceuil France Lodge, 5 rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, Paris 75009; 4246-6819. Or Connexion+, 7 rue Campagne Premier, Paris 75014; 4335-1126. Either organization will put up with a French family, bed-and-breakfast like. Can be a delightful experience where you plunge headlong into everyday Parisian life.