Subject: Salzburg
We went to Salzburg our first time we went to Europe. We loved the Sound of Music Tour. It was really fun to see where everything was filmed. Also, we ran into some young people and they had really enjoyed the Salt Mines. We had lunch at the Youth Hostel that overlooked the old town. A wonderful view and very good Bavarian food. The town is beautiful! I'll never forget our trip there. We would like to go back to the Hallstadt region. We have gone to Berkesgarten (not sure on the spelling) near the Eagles Nest twice. We went on some wonderful hikes and skipped the Eagle's Nest. We heard it wasn't much to see except the view. It would be a good day trip to Lake Kiemsee.

If you like to hike there are wonderful trails in the Alps nearby. I will give you the details if you are interested. Please e-mail me. Susan