Subject: destination... Rio de Janeiro!
#Global in Rio## The world meeting in Rio de Janeiro!

#Global in Rio# is the launching project of the #Global House#, a not-for profit association in Rio de Janeiro that is being created to be both a small and homy international residence and a very innovative cultural exchange center.

If you are a young professional or student who have been living amazing exchange experiences and want to put your heart and soul to expand these opportunities to as many people as possible, we invite you to enjoy this 4 week-program that will take place in July in Rio de Janeiro!!!

#Global in Rio# activities In four weeks, a lot of fun will combine with cultural and educational programs for young foreigners and Brazilians with genuine interest in sharing and learning from each other#s culture.

Cultural and Social activities, Community services, Professional explorations, Sports &Relax (close to nature), will be on the agenda to let you make the most of your time in Rio de Janeiro while expanding the exchange spirit to as many Brazilians as possible.

Global participation, Brazilian hospitality# To be truly global, we look forward to welcoming 8 participants from abroad in the month of July. For 4 weeks, this group will be developing a team spirit, both through a real experience of Rio de Janeiro and the design of programs aimed at exposing young Brazilians to oversea cultures (an one-week #international camping for youth# is also on the agenda!)

If you are interested in joining this exchange adventure, contact us for further details. Your Brazilian friends Cris Leal &Grazi