Subject: Prague Apartment Rental
Dear Ziners, I recently returned home from Praha and rented an apartment for $3.00 per night from a wonderfu young woman that Sandy (Santrav) suggested.

Katie was not able to rent us her apt. but found a charming studio with light cooking facilities right up the street from her. This lovely apt. has just been remodeled 2 years ago and is full up to date and we loved it!!! Furthermore, Mr. Chavat, the owner, and his family could not have been more helpful and delightful> They are all musicians and were invited to got to several concerts . As luck would have it we were able to kgo ton of them. We were about 7 minutes away from the National Theatre and in the hear of everything. Katie stopped by and made sure everything was okay. I can not reccomend Katie and the Chavat family enough! Here is Katie's e mail : Katerina (Katerina Sklenaova) And to Sandy, thanks for such a strong recommendation. Fran