Subject: Re: Napa Wine Train experience
Hi folks,

I am not sure who asked the first question about a visit to NAPA but I know that Sandy was kind enough to send some information on the Napa Wine Train. Since I did not see any posts from people who have been on the train I thought our experience might help.

Lynn and I took the Wine Train trip about a year ago, enjoyed it, and recommend it to our friends with a few caveats. We took the Sunday afternoon train. They feed half of the passengers on the way up and half on the way back. We chose the second seating so on the way up the valley we sampled several wines and enjoyed the scenery. On the way back we had a wonderful early dinner (with more wine).

Our daughter and son-in-law took the evening train and ate dinner first. On the way back it was getting dark and they missed the chance to enjoy the look of this beautiful valley. So, drink first and eat second.

The train is very comfortable and travels very slowly so you have the feeling that you have been traveling for some time when in reality it is a short trip from the City of Napa to St. Helena and back. The train tracks parallel Highway 29. For most of the trip the highway is east of the tracks so on the way up pick a seat on the west side of the car unless you enjoy watching the traffic.

The trip is a little pricey but the meal is wonderful, the wines are Napa's best and we had a great time. Hope you enjoy.

Bill and Lynn in San Francisco