Subject: Re: Re: Rest &Shop Venice

> Here are some suggestions for restaurants in Venice, and shopping,
>however Venice is not too good for shopping except for the glassware.
>Sandy in LA

Well the costumes, masks, lace and paper products are pretty good too...

> One way to easily cut costs on a meal is to skip the secondo course; it
> will be the most expensive part of the meal, especially if it is fish. You
> will do well in many cases with just a primo course--usually pasta--and
>a salad and dessert.

This is the way to eat at places like the Olive Garden in the US but really NOT the way to dine in Italy. Seafood is done very well in Venice--especially at the better restaurants and shouldn't be missed. Da Fiore is one that should be high up on one's restaurant list but reservations should be made early upon arrival. Skipping the fish or meat course is not really a good idea. Others that are recommended to have on a list of restaurant choices are La Corte Sconta and Osteria alle Testiere in Castello, L'Incontro in Dorsoduro and a trattoria, La Zucca in Santa Croce. These will make anyone's visit to Venice much more enjoyable.

There are many alimentari where one could buy really good food to take back to the hotel or to eat in a quiet, lovely piazza rather than eat in a place that is tempered for tourists. One cannot eat decently in Venice for $15 for a meal. There are good pizzeria in all neighborhoods. Look for these when strolling around and exploring the city. They are hard to resist.

While it is getting a little old, read Plotkin's, Italy for the Gourmet Traveler for a good understanding of the gastronomy of Venice and of Italy.