Subject: Re: Re: Rome restaurant tips
Subject: Re: Rome restaurant tips

> Dear Gwen,

> Here are some general tips on dining in Rome, with a few suggestions. Sandy in LA

>Fast-food restaurants have become very popular, partly because of their
>lower prices. The McDonald's near the Spanish Steps has one of the best
>salad bars in the city

I read it but don't believe it--all the way to Rome to go to McDonald's!!! Well on second thought one might run into Rick Steves who is closely checking his bill to make sure he isn't being overcharged.

For budget eating go to Pizza Re on via di Ripetta where the pizza is almost as good as the best to be had in Naples. There are also other good selections there. San Eustachio, close to the Pantheon, is a nice friendly and family kind of place where the prices are moderate and the food is good. Don't be hesitant to ask what the food is that looks so good at other people's tables. More than likely the waiter will bring you a sample. After dinner you could walk a few steps at Cafe San Eustachio to have a good gelato to eat on your walk back to the hotel. That is, if you didn't have a good dessert at dinner.

Taverna Antonina in via della Colonna Antonina is very good and very reasonable. It is a very short walk from the Pantheon.

Checchino dal 1887 is a long cab ride to it in the Testaccio. It truly has good Roman cuisine. But understand that Roman cuisine has lamb intestines, sweatbreads, pig's liver with onions, tripe etc as important elements. I enjoy this food but others might not.