Subject: Re: Re: Rome restaurant tips
--- santrav wrote:
> When you go to a restaurant you MUST take the bill
> when you leave and keep it for about 100 meters.
> It must be an official receipt, not just the amount
> written on a piece of paper (as they often do). The
> reason for this is that the tax people can stop you
> when you walk out of a restaurant or bar or store
> and ask you to produce the receipt. If you don't
> have one, they'll fine both you and the restaurant
> owner

That is true for any store. The reason is that they didn't use receipts and declared a small income to the state, in order to pay less taxes. And the State introduced this fine so that people will ask receipt if not given! BTW, still, most of restaurants give you the bill in a normal piece of paper!

> Menus should be read carefully since some
> restaurants add substantial cover charges.

It's not a cover charge. It is called coperto and it covers the expenses of service and laundry. In fact tipping is not required like usually is in the States! Pay the coperto and not tip! That doesn't make much difference!

> Tuck a collapsible cup into your day-pack; drinking
> from Rome's many potable water fountains saves
> shelling out $3 for a soft drink every time thirst
> strikes!

And Roman public water from the fountains around is the best drinking water as taste and minerals in it! I always drink it rather than spring water!

> Being willing to eat and drink standing up saves a
> bundle; in Rome, one pays
> nearly twice as much for the privilege of dining
> while sitting down, even
> more for a cafe's outside table. At a
> number of cafes you can pay for your drink or
> sandwich at the cashier, then
> carry it yourself to a table for no extra charge.

Well, again, the reason why you pay more if sitting is that you pay the service (and not tip). And you can't take stuff in and sit, they keep tables for who's willing to pay the extra!

> Lunch in Rome is after 1 pm and dinner is after 9
> pm.

Lunch usually starts at noon, and dinner at 7pm.

> Best savings for lunch: Caffe Palombini (near the
> Square Coliseum). Pasta,
> salads and sandwiches. 12 Piazale Adenauer Konrad.

That is in front of my office, and I never go there, it is famous to be among the most expensive places!!! A coffe costs 3 times the average price!!!

> Best Italian ice cream: Gelateria San Crispino.

I love it..... and many others.... ask Laurie for David's :o))) I also recomend you Monteforte aka Pinocchio (because of a wooden statue just outside), besides the Pantheon. Try the Zabaione semifreddo!

> Alibi, 44 Via di Monte Testaccio, a wild
> discotheque.

Well...... it's not just wild.... it's the only gay disco in Rome!

Ciao Flavio in Rome