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<< Have read about buying toll passes in advance, is that a good idea? If so, how much do I need to purchase and can I do it at the Milan airport?

Simply pay cash (Lire). When you get on the toll road (Autostrade) you will get a ticket from the booth (usually by machine). When you exit, give the ticket to the attendant and the price will appear on a screen that you can see - no need to be concerned about understanding Italian - just pay the price on the screen. On a few toll roads around Milano, you will come to a toll booth even though you've never picked up a ticket at an earlier toll booth - again simply pay the price on the screen. Always get in the line that shows a picture of the attendant reaching out to a car - not the one for the toll passes.

santrav wrote -- ****One way to easily cut costs on a meal is to skip the secondo course; it will be the most expensive part of the meal, especially if it is fish.***** Don't pass on the secondo, especially if it's fish - afterall, what could be better in Venice?

santrav wrote -- *****If you are looking for a bargain from Missoni, Versace, Armani or Krizia, try their boutiques on Madison Ave. in New York, where many Venetians insist prices are lower.**** Or better yet, try the factory discount outlet for Armani - it's just south of Como. Or, the outlet for Prada and Gucci - both about 30 minutes south of Florence. Unlike USA outlets, this is the real stuff at up to 75% off.

santrav wrote -- ******Rome's Greatest Ice cream Emporium: Giolitti, on Via Ufficio del Vicario, a few streets from the Pantheon.**** Absoulutely correct - try the melone in season. Cantaloupe - it's one of the greatest taste treats ever.

santrav wrote -- ******Porta Portese Flea Market, Open every Sunday 8 am to 2 pm. Get there around 7 am to get any real antiques**** Porta Portese has always been a great dissapointment to me. Lots of new stuff and junk - if you're a real flea marketer, I think you'll share the dissapointment. When we were there last on a Sunday morning, there was a very nice flea market in the Piazza dei Campo di Fiori. For the GREAT stuff, nothing beats, Arezzo, Modena and Milano.

Peter139 wrote -- *****Others that are recommended to have on a list of restaurant choices are La Corte Sconta***** I definetely agree with you on Da Fiore, but have you tried Corte Sconta lately? How was it last?

Peter139 wrote -- *****San Eustachio, close to the Pantheon, is a nice friendly and family kind of place where the prices are moderate and the food is good.**** I couldn't agree with you more. This is our very favorite in Rome. Don't miss the frito misto - it's enough for two. When possible, get a table outside. Great secondo - fresh fish and veal. Try the fragoline for il doce when in season

Peter139 wrote -- *****But understand that Roman cuisine has lamb intestines, sweatbreads, pig's liver with onions, tripe etc as important elements. I enjoy this food but others might not.***** Have you tried Cibreo in Florence? If you let Chef Fabio Picchi know you like this, he will keep your table full all night.

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