Subject: Re: Re: tolls, rome, etc
Also Monteforte's is outstanding for gelato. This little place is next to the Pantheon.

Also, on Via Torre Argentina which is just in back of the Pantheon, there is a very nice, welcoming alimentari that has marvelous salami, prosciutto, cheeses etc.

> Peter139 wrote --
> *****Others that are recommended to have on a
> list of restaurant choices are La Corte Sconta*****

> I definetely agree with you on Da Fiore, but have you tried Corte Sconta
> lately? How was it last?

Unfortunately, and I should have mentioned, that the last time I was there was three years ago. It was very good last time there and from what I read and hear it is still good. Do you have later information on it?

Next time in Roma, try Quinzi and Gabrelli for really great seafood. It is not a real comfortable place and probably too expensive but it is really terrific. I think that it is now (or always was) a trendy place where the hoi polloi gather. I love the pasta with lobster sauce there. It is on via Coppelle which is just a short walk from the Pantheon.

> Have you tried Cibreo in Florence? If you let Chef Fabio Picchi know you
> like this, he will keep your table full all night.

Yes, I have been to Cibreo and like it very much. For those going to Florence Cibreo has two adjacent places with the same kitchen. The restaurant is more expensive while the trattoria next door is moderately priced. Reservations are a must for the restaurant and I think that there is always a wait for a table at the trattoria. Both have the same food. Try the calamari inzimino.

I prefer that restaurants outside of Florence and La Chiusa in your home town of Montefollonico is among my favorites. Too bad I am not on my way there now! :-) Can't wait to return to go to La Tenda Rosso and Da Delfina plus look forward to trying Arnolfo's.