Subject: Re: : Portraits in Piazza Navona/Rome
Hi Marcy,

Nothing corny at all about your question. On our honeymoon 29 years ago we got a portrait done also when visiting disneyworld in Fla. It's still hanging on the bedroom wall. It's a great idea.

My family and I just returned from Rome this past Tuesday (Got a chance to meet our own Ziner Flavio in person too! Hi Flavio!)and we did spend some time in the Piazza Navona. We stayed for lunch and managed to buy a few items for the friends and family back home. There are many places to choose for lunch or dinner there and all the prices are fairly reasonable I think. It was a great place for dining and taking in the flavor of Rome at the same time. We did not check into any portraits or prices. I would add though if you get to the Spanish Steps which is not far from there you will find artists also doing portrait work as well as selling their original works. What I did see looked excellent but then again thats really such a personal choice.

Whatever you do have fun and make lots of memories. We did, and there is no shortage of memory making possibilities in Rome.

All the best,

Harry in Houston