Subject: Re: do it yourself arrangements
Hi Sandy

We also have very short times for travel, and tightly scheduled vacation times. So I am a micro-planner, getting as much out of each short trip as possible.

Let me add this about do-it-yourself travel planning: Being on a time and money budget, I find that getting the best deals at the best times takes some work. I surf the net a lot; paticipate in this travel group and others; make a point of studying the airlines that fly out of my city; read all the travel magazines, books, newspaper articles, websites, bulletins, etc, that I can; have a couple of buddies that I run my trip ideas by; etc etc etc etc

In other words, I work the entire available pool of information to get what I need. I especially like the Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine and website. I really enjoy the magazine, and find practicle suggestions for budget independent travel there all the time.

One can really get into all this if motivated enough. I love to travel, especially to Europe, and we fall nicely into the median American income category, which makes frequent air travel a challenge. But it can be done!!!

Hope this inspires you! Debbie