Subject: Re: Do it yourself arrangements

>I ask them what is available for an upgrade between such and such dates.
>Sometimes they put you on a waiting list

We will have to give this way you describe. We are flexible too so this way should work well. Since we can leave from either JFK or Newark, making arrangements using flier miles should be a lot easier. Leaving from JFK is a real pain though as the traffic coming and going is always horrible.

>You know of course that the fare you have to pay is more expensive than those rock bottom offers , most likely we end up paying aprox. 700 more or less.

Yes, I know.

> Now it is me who is asking you, what do you mean by one and get one free,
>is this the platinum card you are talking about?


> About the searching engine for $30 seems exciting. I might get it. The only thing I am a total ignorant regaarding computer matters, how do I get it?

Go to where you will find all the information. You will be able to download it as there are very good instructions at the site.

> I normally make the hotel reservations the old way, I speak the language in most cases and I like the feeling of bargaining a little...not always relating to money but as you said to the kind of rooms, hotel location, is the hotel up the hill or not, things like that. I like the tete a tete.

You make me a little jealous about the language capability. The reservation clerks usually do very well in English and I have been able to go back and forth with them in a very friendly manner enabling me to get a great deal of helpful information. One clerk at a hotel in Fiuggi even called her friend in Naples to discuss restaurants recommendations there for us.

> I loved the suggestion someone made to first find a good rate in the
> net and then talk it over with the travel agent.

Yes, this makes a lot of sense. I use Amex but find that they merely can make reservations using fax. The Amex agents told me that they were not permitted to use Email. Astounding isn't it?

I guess travel agents can really find good deals. My travel agent for latin america is very good.

>My daughter is very good at dealing with upgrades she has done them for us
>sometimes , if I find more how she does them I shall let you know.

Thanks--I look forward to reading how she does it.