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<< Shipping charges: the cost for overseas shipment is more higher in Italy than in the USA, but the exchange rate works good now >>

If you are considering shipping anything big - or if you have needs of most anything else - a great book to buy in Italy is the English Yellow Pages - available at most any large book store in any larger city in Italy. My sister bought several large antiques last fall and found an excellent shipper from this book. The antique dealer crated everything to the shippers specifications, and the shipper sent a truck to pick up the items. Plus, all sorts of other info for English speakers.

Another short story, After reading everything on shipping wine.... A few years ago, we were departing from the old Malpensa airport. A friend of mine had given me 4 bottles of wine from the own vineyard and packed them in her homeade packing case for me to carry on the flight. As we were preparing to board the flight, the handle on the carrying case broke and all 4 bottles crashed to the floor sending wine and glass all over the departure area. I bent over to inspect the tragedy and found only one bottle still intact. When I picked it up, the Italians in the area all applauded and smiled - no one was concerned over the mess on the floor - they were only pleased to see that one precious bottle had survived. Can you see why I enjoy the Italians so much? Their priorites are so different than ours. Bill Sutherland