Subject: Re: AMEX miles
Peter, Since I fly primarily American, I haven't had much use for AMEX miles on airlines, BUT a great way to use them is for hotels. AMEX offers some great hotels in cities all over the word using their miles. Two years ago, American offered a fare to Paris for $219 roundtrip - which we upgraded using American miles. Then we used AMEX to get a room at the Grand Intercontinental near the Opera - a hotel I normally would never reserve, but a beautiful facility. When we checked out - we didn't owe a single franc. Four nights in Paris, upgraded airlines - all for $219 per person. It was early December and we did all our Christmas shopping. Try using your AMEX miles for hotels - breakfast is usually included and we've never even been charged tax at checkout.

Graziella Miami Beach wrote --

*****Now it is me who is asking you, what do you mean by one and get one free, is this the platinum card you are talking about? How much you end up paying aprox. for two tickets to Europe? Are we talking of business tickets?******

American Express Platinum card offers two for one tickets if you purchase business or first class seats on the airlines that they partner with to Europe. The Platinum card - while very expensive at $300 per year - does offer some incredible options. Booking hotels using AMEX Platinum reservations generally gives you a great room upgrade. When one of our children was graduating from school in NYC, we booked the minimum price double at the Plaza and upon checking in, we were given the most incredible one bedroom corner suite - the posted rate for the room was $1200 a night and we paid only $175. Many other times, we've checked into hotels without making reservations through AMEX, and we always ask the desk clerk if an AMEX Platinum upgrade is available, and in about 75% of the time, they will upgrade us to a nicer room.

Bill Sutherland