Subject: Re: Best Internet Service Provider for Globetrotters?
Hi Gretchen, We have several Internet e-mail addresses, but we use MSN Hotmail almost exclusively when we travel - that way our family and friends know where to reach us. What I was asking for help with was the actual POP server, the Internet Service Provider or ISP. Various providers pertain in almost every country. However, one rarely will have time to enroll, qualify, etc before one leaves for another country. I was hoping to find one really good ISP that has a presence throughout most if not all European and African countries we may be visiting.

We have had very unsatisfactory experiences with CompuNOTServe. I don't have any experience with AOL, but am reluctant to go with it just from stories we have heard. Seems we will have to default to one of ATTs program, but we are getting such mixed messages we are concerned. Thank you for your reply.

M&M in Honolulu.