Subject: Re: Re: Best Internet Service Provider for Globetrotters?
The travelers I know, myself included, use internet cafes when traveling and sign up with email services such as Yahoo or Hotmail, from which we can access our home ISP and download, from anywhere in the world, the messages sent there. Yahoo is superior, in my opinion. Hotmail disconnected me with no forewarning because my mailbox got too full and that is because the delete button wasn't working one time when I was travelling. Everytime I'd access my mail, my deleted messages reappeared and reappeared and reappeared, exponentially!!!!! I got NO help or even an answer when I emailed their tech support services.

It's easy to find Internet cafes when traveling and often libraries have free Internet connections, even in foreign countries. Universities also. Is your goal to travel with your computer and to have your very own ISP? If so, that seems cumbersome to me, unless you are going to be in one place for several months. If anyone knows of a worldwide ISP, I'd be interested.

Geri in Oaxaca, Mexico