Subject: Monterey Bay area
I am surprised with the quite high end recommendations of the Monterey Bay area. If you want to experience the area on Monterey Bay, the Big Sur area is quite a distance from downtown Carmel, Pacific Grove, or Monterey. For a first visit, Pacific Grove would be a good place to stay. One of my favorite restaurants is the Fish Wife across from the Asilomar Conference Grounds. One of the best buys for hotel accommodations is Asilomar. You can call 20 days ahead of when you want to make reservations and if they have available space, the rooms are from $80 - $100, including a full breakfast. Point Lobos is a wonderful State Park, the Carmel Mission is a historical piece of the California story, lots of downtown Monterey sites also tell the story of the beginnings of California, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is great, we usually take our bikes for very scenic rides (you can rent bikes), or just beautiful shoreline walks. Our idea of a restful vacation is to stay away from high end touristy places. It just depends on what you like.

We usually go for a weekend to the Monterey Bay Area a couple times a year. There is also a great Quilt Shop in Pacific Grove. Will you drive down from San Francisco? Four of our children are living in San Francisco, and we can make lots of recommendations for that area also. Susan and Wendell