Subject: Re: California help needed
Dear Stacy I don't have a good recommendation for a place to stay in Carmel or Monterey.... I have stayed in both towns, but it was awhile ago and NEVER with an ocean view (sigh); but I do have some really good sightseeing suggestions. You will be very near to my favorite on this planet: Big Sur.

We sometimes stop for lunch in Carmel, and ALWAYS stop at the Carmel Mission... a very beautiful and spiritual place, and Fr. Junipero Serra is buried there, if you are interested in that sort of thing. The Mission is also very interesting from a historical perspective, and very tourist friendly.

If you can make the time, consider a day or two in Big Sur... my spirit is always calmed and refreshed after a visit. There is nothing to do but commune with nature and eat some very good food. The scenery is amazing. The beach at sunset is soul-stirring. The people have a friendly hippie-sort-of-vibe that transports me to another time and place. I can recommend restaurants and hotels, if you think you'd like to stop there, or even suggest some things to see if you just want to drive down for a morning or afternoon. Big Sur is such heaven that I hate to even recommend it. Its remoteness and lack of shopping facilities keep most tourists away.... even in July you can feel alone there, especially if you are willing to walk a bit. I'm no hiker and can find total blissful isolation there is just a few minutes of easy walking. I think everyone should read a little Richard Brautigan, then go see Big Sur for themselves! And speaking of literary connections, a bit of Steinbeck also enhances a trip to the Monterey Peninsula.

Dreaming of Big Sur, Debbie