Subject: Bastille Day
As you know it is the biggest Holiday in France, I was once inParis on that date, to star with there is a great parade, there is a printed program for the Parade that cadets hand out to the people on the street ...The parade is very punctual, I recall that not one second late it stared with jets flying over the Camps Elysees,leaving smoke lines of red white and blue , the parade was really very nice. There were tons of people inthe street on a happy mood. At night there were great fire works all over, we saw the ones by the Tour Eiffel\ from the home of friends- who have an apartment facing the tower on the right bank - where they gave a party so I do not know what is best at night but I understand that there is dancing in the streets preferably in the faubourgs ... I am sure that once there you will find the right thing to do...but definitely will have to star with the Parade.