Subject: Re: California help needed
Hi: I agree with Hammon7. Pacific Grove sits on a penninsula between Monterey and Pebble Beach/Carmel. I used to live in Pacific Grove and I loved Asilomar. It is gorgeous: I used to walk the pine and cypress grounds and the sand dunes. Just my opinion, but I feel that Pacific Grove has more small hotels with scenic views than Monterey does. Besides, you are only 15 minutes or less from Monterey.

There is the Centrella Hotel, Gosby House, and Seven Gables B&B as well as many, many other places. Pacific Grove has many, many good restaurants: Here's two: The Sandpiper and the French restaurant next to it. Don't miss the Montery Bay acquarium. It has a lovely view of the Bay from its deck and is unique because it deals with the northern Pacific Coast and it is really interesting to both adults and children. The Pacific Grove public golf course has great views and is very (VERY!) much cheaper than Del Monte/Pebble Beach. The cemetery above the course has lovely views also. Pacific Grove has deer coming down the paths and streets in the evening and has the best (as good as! Pebble Beach) walk (bike or auto) along the Bay and out to Point Pinos (visit the lighthouse) and then around the point and along the ocean. You can even walk or ride your bikes onto the 17 Mile Drive and Pebble Beach. I recommend this over Carmel, which is nicely done, but crowded during the day and a bit touristy.

Point Lobos State Park is really lovely (trees, coastal views, rocky cliffs, tide pools, tiny sandy beaches). I agree with Hammon7 about Big Sur. On your NEXT trip, you can always go to Big Sur.

Just one small thing: The central and northern Pacific Coast can be very foggy in summer (it can burn off at midday and come back around 4:00 pm). It is also windy, cool/cold. Not what you might expect. Don't worry, because after a day or two of fog, a brilliant sunny day comes along! jane