Subject: Re: carrying money....

We travel a lot and after Semester at Sea where we had to be especially careful of being robbed, I have adopted a travel routine that seems to work for me.

I have a certain set of clothes that are worn on day trips--the blouse has an inside hidden zippered pocket that is large enough to hold all necessities including a point and shoot camera or a small bottle of water, and it has two buttoned outside pockets for a bill or two.

The skirt has deep pockets for tissues. Underneath it all I wear a shoulder safe that I let hang below the waistband. This last part could work with slacks, but I prefer skirts for day trips.

All parts of this ensemble are washable and dry over night.

If anyone wants to know more specifics, please email me as those answers fall into the category of too commercial.

I used this plan more recently in Amsterdam and Cologne (2 weeks ago). I was scared the most of all many years ago by persons on the street in London (1984) and Washington, DC (1997).