Subject: Special Christ's Shroud exposition
I have just rear on the newspaper about a special exposition of the Christ's Shroud in Turin (Italy) because the jubilee. It is happening from August 12th to October 22nd 2000. Is someone is interested in the Shroud (normally the exposition happen every 5 or 10 year, I don't remember exactly!) you have to book in advance the visit (book and visit are FREE!). You can book on line at the following address

I'll surely do it, although I live only 150 Km far from Turin, I have never saw the Shroud :( I would see it before the next fire will destroy the Cathedral and the Royal palace in Turin! :((( (do you remember the last fire 3 or 4 years ago when the Shroud was miraculously saved ?).

Ciao, Marco in Milan (Italy)