Subject: re: carrying money
Like many people, I started out following Rick Steves' advice religiously, but have since modified. There are many stories out there of people getting robbed in Europe but it has never happened to us. My husband does carry a wallet, with only one day's cash. The rest is in his money belt, along with our passports and other important documents. On public transportation he always stands with his back to the wall, so no one can get to him. He does carry a daybag, which is pretty beat up, holding maps, lunches, purchases. I carry an extra credit and debit card safety-pinned in my bra. He carries a camera, very small, which easily fits into a front pocket. We always hold hands, looking very casual, and hiding our fright in case we are lost (often). For some reason we are often stopped and asked for directions, by women especially. I guess we look safe or approachable. Ironically we found that on our last trip to France everyone on the subway that seemed to be native was carrying a large purse or bag. I told my husband that only the tourists carried nothing, standing out like sore thumbs!