Subject: Women &purses
I do not carry a purse on trips to Europe. After having my wallet lifted from my purse - a shoulder bag worn across my shoulders - I decided there had to be a better way.

LL Bean makes a leather travel wallet that is slightly larger than a passport. It has three zippered compartments hidden under a flap secured by velcro, and it is worn on a belt. This is it for me now. It holds money, passport, credit cards, coins, a long skinny lipstick, nailfile and other small stuff. I don't wear it in the front, but more on my side, so that it is not visible under a blazer or sweater, but is easily accessible. Only problems are that you have to wear a belt everyday, and that it is very sporty looking. I keep looking for the same thing in a dressier look, but no luck so far.

I also use a money belt under my clothes for extra money and plane tickets. Worn backwards, it doesn't bother me at all.

I love having my hands free. If we need stuff for the day - guide books, maps, etc, they either go in a coat pocket, or a small backpack.

Callie in New Orleans