Subject: Re: Carribean vacation

I have to agree with Gretchen -- you're going at the wrong time, unless you go further southwest like Aruba. As for the Carribbean, I've been to St Thomas. Very touristy but supposedly the best shopping of the islands if you're into that. However, from there you can take an easy and fairly cheap charter boat to St John's. On St Johns you will find Trunk Bay -- one of the most noted beautiful beaches in the world. (I have pictures if you'd like me to email separately) On Trunk Bay you can cheaply rent snorkel equipment and explore their underground coral reef park, just a very short distance off shore. (take a waterproof throw away camera) You can stay overnight on either island. I've also been to St Maarteen, which has a Dutch side and a French Side. I believe it's the French Side that has a huge remote beach (albeit topless), the name is escaping me ...but it is just unbelievable. There is a resort by the beach that you can stay at ... I'd have to find this info for you if you were interested. You can walk quite a ways here, to cliffs etc There is a little hut set up that cooks fresh lobster and other beach food Also lounge chairs/umbrellas etc. It's beautiful. This is not an overly crowded place ... fun! The Dutch side of the island has typical island shopping etc. You can traverse between the two sides only by local taxi drivers who somehow know the incredibly narrow, windy roads that you think lead to nowhere --- then like magic it opens up onto a beautiful place.

Enjoy! Marcy in Ohio