Subject: Re: Switzerland (and R.Steves)
Dear Harriet, Let me preface anything I have to say with the caveat that this is all JUST MY OPINION, but I think it may be mistake to rely on Rick Steves' thoughts. Somehow, he has become our premier travel guru, and I believe that is a sad state of affairs. My experience tells me that he doesn't know as much as he any many others think(s) he does, and that his tastes are sometimes extremely questionable. This is the guy that tells people that a visit to Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon isn't worth their time. I personally had a transforming experience there! If I have read and heard about a place, and know there are some things there that I would like to see or do, then I usually have a very good time by going there, and doing what piqued my interest in the first place.

I have written this before in another forum, and got soundly flamed for it, but I think that Steves is a hypocritical elitist in Everyman's clothing. His is the elitism of the young, the healthy, the thinly disguised profiteer. In my opinion he is a bit of a smarmy nerd who believes that it is ok to impose his taste as the best and only way to do things.

That said, I try to take all travel writing with a grain of salt. Just as the glossy magazines tell us that the only way to travel is in luxury, so Steves tells us that the only way to go is with a rucksack. (Another peeve: how affected is it for an American to call a backpack a rucksack? sheesh...)

That said, I try to take all travel writing with a grain of salt. Read and surf, ask and listen, then decide for myself based on my tastes, is what I try to do. I know you are just gathering information, but the mere mention of Steves' dismissve attitude drives me up the wall!!!!!!!!!!

Enough out of me, Debbie